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Our beautiful retail and healing space in Perth, Ontario!

Come and experience the mellow vibe in our shop, and browse our selection of natural healing products, brought together to help you find natural solutions to your health and wellbeing. We feel we have created a relaxing space that makes you go "aaahhhhhh" (and some things that make you go "ooohhh!) Sometimes finding a space where you can just 'be' is just what you need in your day so you can keep going!

Our Teal Room is a perfect place to relax into the high vibe energy and receive an inspiring tarot reading or uplifting energy healing session - call into the shop or follow us on Instagram (@pineandpatchouliperth) to find out who is offering their services!

Our Healing Services

Whimsical Fairies

We have some lovely collectible fairies by the internationally acclaimed artist Amy Brown! We also have locally handcrafted felt fairies, each with such personality and character! Both styles need to be seen to appreciate their exquisite detail!

Crystal Beauties

We have so many beautiful crystals in store! Come and see which one speaks to you ... or even literally jumps out at you! They will get your attention somehow, if they are meant for you and to help you with your healing!

Make Scents!

'Tis always the season for a divinely scented candle! We have differently themed candles and all are made with soy and essential oils, for your health and enjoyment :)

Some of our current faves!

  • Selenite Lamp

  • New Moon Tea

  • Blooming Wild Botanicals

  • Eye Pillows & Body Pads

This stunning beauty will help cleanse the energy of your space and bring in peace and tranquillity. Selenite connects us with the higher realms and has a very ethereal quality to it. It also looks divine and has a lovely soft glow ... perfect for a cosy living room or bedroom. It has a WOW factor for sure!

Large (in photo) - approx 16 in - $125

Medium - approx 11 in - $77

Our New Moon Teas are a line of plant based wellness teas. Perfect to have on hand when life happens and you need some herbal help!

Teas in the line:

Stomach Soothing

Feminine Balance

Knock Me Out

Immune Defence

Postpartum Tea

Mama's Milk

We are in LOVE with this brand!

Their farm fresh phytonutrient-rich herbs and flowers are packed with vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help to protect and nourish our skin ... and bring joy to our souls!

All their products are made with premium quality ingredients, grown or wild harvested by themselves or curated from Canadian producers or international suppliers whose values and passions align with theirs.

This is true body AND soul food!

These pillows and pads have been handcrafted in gorgeous fabrics and can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer.

They are filled with rice or flaxseed and some also have dried lavender. (If they don't, you can always spritz them with lavender water!)

A HEATED pillow or pad dilates the blood vessels of the muscles to increase the flow of oxygen, which repairs damaged tissue and increases muscle flexibility.

A COOLED pillow or pad slows blood flow, reducing swelling and pain.

Body Pads - $39

Eye Pillows - $23

Meet The Team!

  • Kay (me!)

  • Marc

  • Charlie The Cat

My passion is most definitely discovering the very real magic of life and learning how we are here to be the co-creator of our experience here on Earth! I am constantly learning new things about how to manifest our best life and I really love sharing what I learn.

I've had a 30-year interest in holistic healing and have trained in Reiki, Reflexology, IET, Hypnotherapy and Feng Shui.

After co-owning a spiritual store for 7 years, and loving every minute of it, I took a sabbatical, as I had been called to go and live back in England (my home country) in an area I had always wanted to live - Devon. When I first went, I wasn't sure how long I would be there for, and imagined it would likely be for about 5 years or so. However, after 7 months of deep healing I was pulled back to beautiful Canada. I took a year to decide which direction to take my life, and realised that having a store really is my happy place! I opened pine & patchouli in January 2022, in the depths of winter! Some people thought I was crazy ... but as I told them ... "The only way is up!"

My dream was to create a regenerating and healing space for people to discover beautiful, natural products and also healing modalities to help them on their journey to health and wholeness, and so far it feels as though people are enjoying this new space in Perth :)

My lovely partner, Marc, has brought my vision of pine & patchouli to life!

His background is all in construction and he basically can put his talented hand to anything. Not only that, but he also comes up with some top creative ideas - one such example is the tree trunk with wooden shelves that stands proudly in the shop and is very often admired!

He worked tirelessly on the shop renos for several months - driving to Perth from his job in Ottawa every evening, to build and create in physical form what we had envisioned. A few hours of building followed by a 50-minute drive home was really exhausting, but he never once complained!

He is a high vibe, high energy kinda guy, with a huge heart, who carries a vibration of transformation and expansion. (Well, he is an Aquarian after all ... which he proudly tells anyone who will listen, LOL. But ... I have a lot of Libra in my chart so I bring him down from his lofty high horse and remind him all sun signs are equal ;-) ) These qualities of his, combined with his awesome construction skills and wildly generous nature mean that pine & patchouli exists as it does today!

Thanks Marc! I couldn't be more grateful! We make a great team <3

No description of our venture would be complete without mention of our gorgeous boy, Charlie! He has been with me on my healing journey for 4 years now, since I found him in a rehoming shelter in the UK.

I had headed off to the shelter to look for my 5-ish years old small black female cat (as I saw it - my witch's cat!)

And then I saw Charlie. 10 years old ... and a huge male tabby cat! (All my parameters had shifted!) He stole my heart.

The poor guy has had many tears shed into his fur, during some of my hardest times as I healed in Devon.

He always helps me so much with his gentle, compassionate presence.

These days, when I wake up, I always know if the day is going to be emotionally challenging, because Charlie will come and curl up right by my head and jam his face as tightly against mine as he can. We truly are so connected <3

Here's one of my favourite photos of him - as he flies around the globe on his magical box ride! <3

Our Current Practitioners

  • Cynthia Bonnell: 'Tune In Tarot' Readings & Spiritual Guidance

    Cynthia Bonnell: 'Tune In Tarot' Readings & Spiritual Guidance

    Cynthia was first gifted a Motherpeace tarot deck by her mother, who was her most influential spiritual guide during her life.

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  • Veronica Moore:  Readings, Mediumship & Spiritual Guidance

    Veronica Moore: Readings, Mediumship & Spiritual Guidance

    Veronica is certified in Reiki and Therapeutic Touch and is an IET Master. She has helped many achieve clarity, healing and peace.

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  • Rina Soucy: 'Unique Hue International' Colour Therapy

    Rina Soucy: 'Unique Hue International' Colour Therapy

    Rina started her colour journey over 10 years ago while searching for a modality she would resonate with, in an attempt to heal some deep wounds.

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