Why we do what we do :)

We believe wholeheartedly that Nature is our greatest healer, and we want to share that with others!

We also believe that in these unprecedented times, we are now, more than ever, having to really take note of our footprint on Mother Earth, who has so graciously allowed us to live on her beautiful body and evolve our species.

With respect for her, and also for the amazing bodies we have been blessed to use as our Earth vehicles in this lifetime, we offer natural, organic products with which to nourish and heal ourselves, and keep us aligned with the vibrancy of our souls!

We are firm believers in the incredible power of Nature to heal, and so we source products made with Nature's bounty, and we do so almost exclusively within Canada ... as much as possible within Ontario ... and even closer to home if we can!

We believe in supporting other small businesses who are trying to support themselves in the world, and consciously trying to make this world a safer, brighter place in which to live <3

We are proud to also donate 1% of profits to One Tree Planted -www.onetreeplanted.org - an environmental charity which supports reforestation around the world. We love trees, and everything about them. They are incredible, wise healers and we are thrilled to be a part of their continued survival on our beautiful planet.

On the healing services side, we are very excited to provide a beautiful, peaceful healing room, for a variety of healing professionals and their clients.

We believe that true, deep healing is multi-faceted, and we love being able to facilitate a wonderful experience for our customers and help them along on their journey to health and wholeness.

  • The Shop

    The Shop

    The mellow ambiance in our spacious retail area allows customers to take some precious time for themselves in their busy day and quietly browse our selection of natural healing products.

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  • The Teal Room

    The Teal Room

    Our tranquil teal healing room is equipped with a massage table, consultation table, 2 chairs, curtains ... and different lighting options!

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