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 What is an essence?

 A liquid healing substance made from energies of Nature - plants, minerals, sea plants and sea creatures.

 The energy imprint of a plant or sea creature or mineral which is recorded in water and preserved in alcohol.

 The unique vibration or frequency or "signature" of a plant or sea creature.

 A substance which balances and revitalizes the energy fields and energy pathways of the human body.

How do essences work?

 They fill up the empty Body/Mind, or satisfy some energetic lack or deficiency in it.

 They resonate with some healthy aspect of the Body/Mind.

 They provide the healthiest and most balanced frequency / vibration to an organ, chakra or meridian.

 They work on all aspects of the human being - Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit which leads to a state of "multi-dimensional homeostasis"

How to use essences?

 Traditionally, essences are taken orally as drops in the mouth at least twice a day. Some people prefer to put the drops in a glass of water and sip it at regular intervals throughout the day.

Other ways to use essences:

 Add a few drops to a bath so that the skin can absorb the energy.

Place a drop on different places on the body - they can be acupuncture points or chakras or just anywhere on the skin if you are not familiar with specific energetic portals.


 Suggested use is 11 drops twice a day - once in the morning to welcome the new energy and to stabilize it during the activities of the day ...  and once before bed to assist in releasing old energy patterns.

Essences can be taken more frequently - specifically the Balancer essence during high stress times.

 Contraindications: Because essences are vibrational and not based on chemistry there are no known contraindications.





18 produits

18 produits