Cynthia Bonnell

** In-person and virtual sessions available **

Cynthia was first gifted a Motherpeace tarot deck by her mother, who was her most influential spiritual guide over the course of her life. She feels grateful to now carry the torch for her after her many years of also reading this deck.

She has come to know the richly symbolic Motherpeace deck very well over 30 or so years and feels her own intuitive abilities have grown with opening her readings to others. She reads in several places in the Ottawa Valley, but says she dearly loves coming to Pine & Patchouli for its unique healing vibe.

If you are looking to feel clarity on a particular issue or are simply looking for what energies are showing up for you to work with, she believes her readings will offer you that guidance or inspiration.

Cindy is also a mother of two adult daughters with beautiful souls! She was an educational assistant with the Ottawa Board for 20 years and very much enjoys the younger folks :) She also creates fine art photography as well as sketches and paintings.

(Note from Kay: Her whimsical watercolours are second-to-none! )

Instagram: @cynthia.bonnell and @myvillagepostcards for her whimsical artwork




1 hour - $85

30 mins - $50

20 mins - $35

Veronica Moore

** In-person and virtual sessions available **

Veronica is certified in Reiki and Therapeutic Touch and is an IET Master. She has helped many achieve clarity, healing and peace.

Through readings, mediumship and spiritual guidance, Veronica can help you navigate and manage depression, stress, feeling lost and unfulfilled ... through healing wounds that may be holding you back.

She works with your soul energy by helping you to clear blocked stagnant energy that may be causing uneasiness and/or pain in your physical body. The result is feeling less 'stuck' , feeling better, renewed and more motivated to move forward in your life.

Veronica offers both in-person appointments at Pine & Patchouli and online appointments.

She is also a fine jewellery maker! Every piece is designed and made with joy and love! You can find her high quality creations on her website listed below :)

Instagram: @i_am_veronica_1111


Phone: 613 807 8446

Rina Soucy

Rina started her colour journey over 10 years ago while searching for a modality she would resonate with, in an attempt to heal some deep wounds.

After countless workshops and hours of research, she discovered auras and learnt that all aspects of her life were being governed by different colour vibrations and could all be related to her chakra system and her aura.

She is now making it her mission to help people feel their best, by creating an awareness about the importance of having a healthy aura and chakras and how you can achieve wellness on all levels by using colours.



Phone: 250 580 3307


Chakra Reading Only - 20 mins - $40

Chakra Reading with Aura Picture - 20 mins - $45

Full Aura Reading - 2 hours approx - $150

Monique 'Moe' Rosteius

** In-person and virtual sessions available **

Meet Moe, a multifaceted practitioner known for her expertise as a Usui Reiki Master and Teacher, Animal Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, Energy Reader, Communicator and Empath.

Her transformative Reiki practice centers around your ability to understand and harness your own energy, or as she likes to call it M.O.E. - ‘My Own Energy.’, which can lead to profound life changes.

Since beginning her Reiki business, Momentous Reiki, Moe has brought grounding, energy renewal and serenity, dissolving energy blockages and fostering holistic balance for body, mind and soul of both humans and animals.

Moe has created Momentous Energetics which is a blueprint to finding Energetic Fitness, that invites you to actively participate in your well-being journey. Empaths, in particular, find comfort in her guidance, as she helps them identify, understand and embrace their gifts while nurturing their own energies and building boundaries. Momentous Reiki helps you move toward your personal empowerment, supports positive shifts and a renewed connection to your inner light.

Moe also dedicates much of her practice in supporting animals of many kinds, but particularly dogs. Animal Reiki offers a transformative and compassionate approach to supporting your beloved animal companions. Rooted in the principles of Reiki, this complementary therapy serves as a gentle yet potent tool for fostering physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being in animals. Whether your pet is recovering from injury, adjusting to changes, battling anxiety or facing behavioural challenges, Animal Reiki provides a non-invasive and highly effective form of energy healing that offers a sense of support and understanding. From alleviating stress and anxiety, reducing cortisol levels and promoting relaxation to accelerating physical healing and addressing emotional and mental issues, Animal Reiki works alongside conventional veterinary treatments to provide a holistic, harmonious approach to nurturing your animal’s overall wellness.

Animals are welcome to stop by and meet Moe, but they have to bring their human companions with them. If an animal is fearful, reactive or unpredictable, we kindly request that they stay in a safe and comfortable environment, but Moe encourages you to stop by and ask questions about how Reiki can be of assistance to your animal friends. She is also starting to work out of Perth Physio and Animal Rehab where she is able to see animals in person, or in your home if that is comfortable for you.

Instagram: @momentousreiki