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pine & patchouli

Nature's Wisdom Message Cards - Scott Alexander King

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(Slightly damaged box so reduced from $38.99 to $30)

Accessing Nature's Wisdom is as simple as taking a walk. the 'Medicine Walk' is not just a stroll taken in nature, however. It is a journey of intent, undertaken with the purpose of communing with Spirit, Nature and the Earth Mother. It encourages us to find and honour the silence within so that we may communicate with all of Creation - the crystals, stones, feathers, trees, flowers, animals, shells, birds, sticks, leaves, insects, weather, rivers, oceans, forests, deserts, parks, gardens and the clouds.

By partaking in a Medicine Walk, it is hoped that the seeker will find it possible to take their experiences and the significant things they see, sense, hear, smell, taste and touch as gifts and messages from Spirit and purposefully integrate the wisdom gained into their life.


70 affirmation cards with instructions for use