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pine & patchouli

Flower Essence - Earth

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This essence:

brings us the feelings of satisfaction and safety

helps us with worry and overthinking

helps dissolve obsessions and compulsive behaviour

helps improve our digestion and boosts our immunity

helps us if we suffer from hypersensitivity to others' feelings

With essences of:

Amethyst, Fireweed, Hermit Crab, Narcissus, Urchin


In a nutshell, it helps us:

with our ability to digest experience

with our ability to have clear boundaries

with our ability to discern what is nourishing and life supporting

to become grounded and connected to the Earth



 11 drops twice daily -

once in the morning to welcome the new energy and to stabilize it during the activities of the day, then ...

... once before bed to assist in releasing old energy patterns.