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pine & patchouli

Flower Essence - Abundance

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The Abundance essence is a combination of plants and minerals in a base of 60% pure spring water and 40% brandy which acts as a preservative. It aligns body, mind, emotions and spirit to act in a unified manner to achieve individual goals while forging a connection with the larger flow of all of life. It promotes 'abundance consciousness'.

It is an essence of transformation of consciousness.

Abundance is, quite literally, a 'dance' - the dance of energy flowing in an eternal cycle of life. When we are connected to this flow of energy there is always enough love, joy and financial security and we are empowered to perform the dance of life with ease and fluidity.

Abundance is also an attitude. There is always the option for each of us to see the glass as half empty or half full.

Using this essence, we find our rightful place in the field of infinite possibilities and consciously co-create the experiences of our lives.


Affirmations to use with this essence:

I am connected with the flow of life.

I am worthy and willing to receive.

I deserve love, happiness and money.

I feel a deep inner contentment as I participate fully in the flow of life.

I know my purpose and follow my path with joy and confidence.

I am grateful for the abundance in my life.

I am able to manifest my highest good easily and effortlessly.



11 drops 4 times daily


Flower essence to help us to feel abundant in our lives and attract the life we dream of and desire. It helps us to transform our consciousness from one of lack to one of abundance. $24