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pine & patchouli

Flower Essence - Fearlessness

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This essence:

helps us to be able to move into love and the Heart centre

helps us to be able to stop time, shape shift and broadcast energy from the Heart instead of adrenaline and fear vibes

helps to nourish our adrenals and support our kidneys

helps us to practise non-attachment

helps us to gain clarity

helps us to raise our consciousness


With essences of:

Jellyfish, Ox-Eye Daisy, Surfgrass, Yellow Pond Lily


In a nutshell, it helps us:

realize what is not love, is fear

to be present, right here ... right now!



 11 drops twice daily -

once in the morning to welcome the new energy and to stabilize it during the activities of the day, then ...

... once before bed to assist in releasing old energy patterns.