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pine & patchouli

Flower Essence - Being True Worth

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This essence:

helps us recognize who we are

gives us the freedom to experience who we are in our daily lives and relationships

helps us transcend cultural programming / brainwashing

nourishes our lungs and large intestines ... so we receive new, vibrant energy and release old, toxic energy

helps us welcome new feelings and release old emotional patterns which don't serve 

helps us embrace new thoughts and attitudes and dissolve crystallized thought forms

helps us act with grace, be present and express ourselves



Fairy bell, Indian Pipe, Polyanthus, Red Huckleberry, Windflower


In a nutshell, it helps us:

acknowledge and accept our strengths and weaknesses

acknowledge and accept the strengths and weaknesses of others

fully enjoy and appreciate the role we came to play in the cosmic dance of life



11 drops twice daily -

once in the morning to welcome the new energy and to stabilize it during the activities of the day, then ...

... once before bed to assist in releasing old energy patterns.